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Your web site and your name .com (or else)
As you probably know, if you want the whole world to be able to see your Web pages (your personal ones, or your company Web site) the pages have to be hosted on a reliable computer permanently up and connected to the Internet, and you need a web domain such as www.yourname.com. 
We have more than 10 years of experience and we can setup for you what is needed for a normal website (hey, if you want to replicate amazon.com you need a team of programmers and a dollar figure with lots more zeros :) ); of course feel free to contact us should you think you have special needs. 
We started this service for our customers that purchased EasyWebEditor, 1Site or HyperPublish (from our company that is VisualVision); if you did, and you don't want to complicate your life, we can setup for you all the things needed for the website, then we will give you a configuration file, and you will be able to see your website on www.yourname.com (or whatever www.......com you want - provided that is not already taken) just pressing a button.  
If you have other Web software that's fine, just make sure it supports the so called "FTP" service, and you will be ok (we will provide the configuration parameters = like the keys for the website). 
After your payment, you decide your domain, we will configure everything and you will receive all the instructions. At any time you can always contact us and we are always here to personally respond and assist. Nobody is left in the fog, and there is actual staff people here (we don't rent people in strange Countries), and last but not least we are in business since 1998. 
Now just purchase, tell us the name you want, and we will setup your website today 
Here the options available (with PayPal or credit card): 
(1) you want the Web space + domain name 
(2) you want the Web space + domain and you still don't have the Web creation software (or want a better one, like our EasyWebEditor
(3) same as 2 but with the web creation software 1Site 
(other extensions also available; this is our main plan and we have it here for simplicity, but we can fit different needs, contact us and ask
Questions? Problems? Special needs?  
Creating a Web site is easy, click here for more info... 
When you "publish" a Web site, usually you technically use the "FTP". Click here for more info... 
If you want the whole world to be able to see your Web pages (your personal website, or your business Web site) the pages have to be hosted on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. Click here for more info. 
Once your Website is up and running, it is interesting to measure its performances. If you spend money (advertising) it is important to measure which ads pay and which do not. We have a powerful tool for this, click here for more info... 
When your site is OK, the search engines help you let the world know you exist. A search engine is a site that can act as an “index” to the Internet (like the Yellow Pages). Click here for more info... 
Often, your servers appear to be working just fine from within your office. What's more important, however, is if your site is accessible from the rest of the world. A monitoring service ensures this. Click here for more info... 
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Easy software for Web, CD, ebook, documentation Publishing 
easy and professional software for great people! 
This site built and maintained with EasyWebEditor ™
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Some software for web: 
Website creator software EasyWebEditor - create your Web site with ease, website creator software 
HyperPublish: create a Web Site, a CDROM, a catalog: database import CSV, automatic thumbnails and search feature 
1site: the ultra-professional edition of EasyWebEditor: create a smart Web site 
hosting We have also co-branding opportunities / free web creator software for hosts hosting services. 
Some other programs: 
PaperKiller: create a manual, helpfile, manage electronic documents 
RoboAuthor: create help system, documentation, HTMLHelp CHM 
EbooksWriter: create stunning compact self installing eBooks with ease 
CD FrontEnd: create autorun CD brochures, business card, presentations, catalogues 
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Have your web site with VisionHost's! Get a good near to free Web space here. Immediate setup, you publish and see your site. 
VisualVision (the company behind VisionHost) is a proud member of the Association of Software Professionals. 
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